Terms and conditions

How to buy

Shivachic accepts orders with delivery inside of Europe
For every order made Shivachic issues an invoice by e mail to the client who made the order ex art. 14 DPR 445/00 e dl 52/2004. The data received by the client while ordering will be inserted into the invoice.
No variations will be possible once the invoice has been sent.
The client can buy products shown in the electronic catalog by Shivachic, when ordering the images and technical information supporting the item may not always be complete and comprehensive of the actual characteristics but may differ for example: in weight, colour, and dimension due to a handmade production. If the order has been processed correctly an e mail will be immediately sent to the address supplied by the client
#This e mail will contain all information regarding the order placed by the client who will verify and will communicate any mistakes in good time. After which, Shivachic, will check availability and client details and will send by e mail confirmation of contract. The contract between Shivachic is intended only after confirmation by e mail by part of Shivachic
#Orders carried out using the Shivachic website, the client agrees to have seen the terms and conditions of sale, the method of payment and all other order procedures. With reference to artt. 3 e 4 dlgs 185/89 the client will receive, by e mail, all indications necessary for seller identification and must conserve together with the e mail of contract agreement.


All orders made on Shivachic are secured, guaranteed and can be carried out in various ways:

*Advanced payment by bank transfer

*Payment using credit card (pay pal)

Advanced payment by bank transfer 

In the case of advanced bank transfer , the order will be shipped out only on receiving confirmation from the bank that the transfer has arrived.
The payment must be sent within 7 days starting from the day of order. If this does not occur then the order will automatically be annulled.
The ‘reason’ for the transfer must include the number and date of the order, plus name and surname of the client.
The availability of the items can only be confirmed once the transfer has been received. The transfer must be made out to:

Shivachic SRLS
Banca: Banco di Sardegna Via Sardegna, 7, 08020 San Teodoro SS
IBAN: IT 17E0101585420000070723152

Payment by credit card (through Pay Pal): Visa/Mastercard/PostaPay

When selecting Pay Pal as method of payment you will be redirected to the Pay pal website where you will be asked to insert your email address and password to then cary out the payment
Your financial details will not be shared with Shivachic, but will be dealt with directly by Pay Pal.
In the case of an order being cancelled or the payment not being accepted by Shivachic, the total amount will be reimbursed to your Pay Pal account. Shivachic can not be held responsible for delays/problems occurring in the phase of reimbursement.