the Shivachic project

Shivachic came about in 2008 from the artistic inspiration of Sunhil Ghorpade, owner and designer of the company. Taking inspiration from both his Indian roots and his training in the School of Italian design, he began a very clear ideal concept: to create objects with the fusion between elegant Italian design and the colourful vitality of traditional Indian art, all while maintaining a low impact on the environment.
Ours is a small and dynamic reality which has conquered its worthy place in the world of niche design.

Shivachic is the vision of a world with no boundaries

Where ideas and style are fused together to create something that is unique in its appearance, where from the old is born the new, and beauty is the daughter of creativity. Ours is an ambitious project, uniting two distant cultures to create a line of modern objects, refined and produced in harmony with the environment.

The Products

The creations by Shavachic are handcrafted by modelling recycled aluminium and made unique by the mastery of our artisans who apply by hand a precious mix of natural Indian pigments.
The use of aluminium makes each piece resistant, lightweight and splendid over time. The touch of magic comes from the use of natural colours which are applied using either a brush or directly with the fingers…


Our company guarantees that for the production of our objects we do not use children and our artisans are not exploited, to which fair pay is applied.

Latest Creations